3 Ways The Weather Affects How You Lock Your Doors


It goes without saying how much commercial business owners rely on locks. Business owners rely on their locks to function properly when they leave and enter the building. It is common to not realize the importance of locks until one malfunctions.

Weather changes are one of the things that cause problems for your doors. With the changes in temperature, the function of your locks are compromised in a number of ways. Here are three ways the weather affects how you lock your doors.

Jammed Locks

During the summer months, it is common for locks to get jammed. This incident usually occurs on the exterior of commercial doors.The high temperatures cause your door to warp. This causes your lock to get stuck in place and requires a lot of work to get it to turn. You would benefit from calling a commercial lock repair locksmith.

Closed deadbolt locks are affected by hot temperatures. They become compressed into the door, and the door frames swells around them. Wood doors and frames are prone to contracting and swelling in high temperatures.

Locks Can Freeze

Locks can freeze on cold days in the wintertime. It helps to prepare your business for harsh temperatures. To prevent freezing, you should lubricate the locks on your doors. The most effective way to prepare your locks is to dissemble them and spray with a lubricant.

If you do not have the skills to take your locks apart, then you should hire a professional. It also helps to use lubricant right before the weather gets cold.  

Distorted Keys

The temperature can affect the keys to your business as well. Keys can be sensitive to summer temperatures. When wood doors become warped from hot weather, it can affect how a key fits into the lock. The weather causes your keys to become distorted and to not work properly. If your keys become distorted, then you may have to call a locksmith out for new locks and keys. To stop the distortion and warping, you may want to get a door made of material that can withstand hot temperatures.

Weather changes can make it hard to operate the locks to your business. When this occurs, you have to get your locks refitted into the frames of your doors. This type of damage means having to replace the entire door. To ensure a perfect fit, you should contact a professional locksmith from a company like Hicks Safes & Locks Inc to diagnose and accurately solve any problems with the security of your business. .


6 September 2016

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