Installing A Sliding Glass Door? Follow These Steps For Home Security


If you are installing a glass sliding door in your home, be aware that these can be an easy spot for burglars to enter your home. But with a few added security measures, sliding doors can be much safer. Here are some steps to take when installing a sliding door. 

Choose a Strong Glass

Before you purchase any doors, be sure that you are choosing a sliding glass door with strong glass that can't easily be shattered by an intruder. This generally means choosing double pane glass, although you may also find glass doors with wire-embedded glass. If you have your heart set on a specific door that uses single pane glass, then you may want to consult a glass repair company to see if they can cut a stronger panel of glass and fit it to your sliding door. 

Add a Lock

Another point of entry for burglars is the lock itself. The locks on many glass sliding doors are flimsy and easily broken with a bit of effort. But you can surprise intruders by calling a locksmith to install a second lock in the door. Locksmiths will often install a second lock that sits at the bottom of the door, near the track. It essentially bolts the door to the track, adding a ton of security. 

Use a Security Bar

Security bars are one affordable and fairly easy to use option for adding security to your sliding door. The security bar is a metal piece that you place inside the track when the door is locked. If an intruder attempts to slide the door, they will encounter the added force of the bar unexpectedly. 

Tighten the Tracks

You can have the door inspected to make sure that there is a good seal between the door and the tracks. One thing that an intruder may try to do is jiggle the door back and forth so that it slides out of the track altogether. But if the door is fastened tightly into its track, this is much harder to do. 

Install Home Security

Finally, it's worth mentioning that a home security system can add a lot of value to your home. Especially if your entryways include sliding glass doors and other features that can attract intruders, a CCTV or home alarm system can go a long way in deterring burglars from your home. And they can provide additional benefits, such as fire alerts. 

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8 September 2016

Keeping Your Business Safe

When you start a business, it's easy to forget about insuring your entire building and all of your inventory. Unfortunately, I made this mistake, and I ended up paying for it dearly when our place was robbed a few months after our store opened. I knew that I had to do something to improve our future security, so I contacted a business that offered locks, keys, and safes. They came out, rekeyed our entire building, replaced our safe with something that was a lot sturdier, and gave us all electronic codes to the keypads that controlled access to the building. Check out this blog to learn more about keeping your business safe.