4 Ways To Avoid Being Locked Out Of Your Home


If you have been locked out of your home before, you probably realize how inconvenient it can be, especially if you don't have a spare key. People who are locked out of their residence sometimes try to gain entry through windows or by jimmying their door locks. These methods can result in expensive damages to your home and possible injuries to your body. 

Nevertheless, there are ways to avoid being inadvertently locked out of your house. Here are a few of them:

Hide a spare key in your yard.

Having a key hidden on your property can make entry easy if you misplace your usual house key. Some locksmiths offer special key-hiding decor for your yard, such as artificial rocks or decorative plants. The items tend to look real, so only you would realize that they are concealing a key.

Hiding a key under a mat or in a wall-mounted mailbox is not advised. These locations are too commonly used and could allow a thief or assailant to easily find your house key for unauthorized entry into your home. 

Give a key to a family member or close friend.

You can also consider giving a spare key to a family member or a close friend. Be sure that the selected individual is trustworthy and accessible. It won't be helpful to try to contact a person that you are unable to reach when you are locked out of your home. 

Additionally, discuss the ground rules before you offer the key. You may not want the individual to access your home without your knowledge. It is also important for the person to refrain from sharing the key with others.

Have a keypad entry system installed.

Like some vehicles, certain homes have a keypad entry system. This allows you to access your home by simply entering the designated code. As a safety precaution, you can change your entry code periodically. 

The keypad can be used for regular access to your home, or you can use it on occasions when you have misplaced a key. A local locksmith should be able to install the system. 

Have a security system installed.

Some security systems are monitored by remote operators. If you are locked out of your home, you may be able to contact an operator and provide preset answers to personal questions for your door to be unlocked remotely.

To learn more ways to maintain access to your home even if you lose a key, contact a lock service provider, such as Locksmith  Services, in your area.


9 September 2016

Keeping Your Business Safe

When you start a business, it's easy to forget about insuring your entire building and all of your inventory. Unfortunately, I made this mistake, and I ended up paying for it dearly when our place was robbed a few months after our store opened. I knew that I had to do something to improve our future security, so I contacted a business that offered locks, keys, and safes. They came out, rekeyed our entire building, replaced our safe with something that was a lot sturdier, and gave us all electronic codes to the keypads that controlled access to the building. Check out this blog to learn more about keeping your business safe.