Nine Reasons Why Locksmiths Do Not Use Coat Hangers


It is a moment that is both frustrating and a little unnerving: a driver realizes the keys they need to unlock their car door are safely tucked away—inside their locked car. Being locked out is an experience that nearly every driver will have at some point. Some people are lucky enough to have a spare key with a friend or partner that is only a few minutes away. The rest are left to find another solution. For many this means the unfortunate scenario of attempting to unlock the door with a coat hanger. There are many reasons to avoid this action. 

#1. Coat hangers rarely work with modern vehicles.

Coat hangers are the most effective with push-button locks, and very few models today have this type of lock. Even if the lock is visible, the end is typically tapered and rounded and has nothing for the end of the hanger to catch. Push-button locks are located beneath the curve of the interior door under the window, and angling the wire to reach this section is nearly impossible. 

#2. Most modern hangers are too flimsy. 

Older hangers were crafted from thicker wire than the thin metal hangers of today. Most are too flexible to allow the user to have any control over how they twist and turn. 

#3. A coat hanger could scratch the paint.

The ends of wire hangers are rarely capped or finished, and the rough metal will scratch the paint of the car easily. While people concentrate on the end inside the car (if it makes it that far) the other end of the hanger is outside flailing around. 

#4. Prying open the door could break the lock or the window.

The only way to insert the wire is to pry open the door slightly. This is done with either a wedge or a screwdriver. Most people remember to protect the surface of the vehicle with a cloth, but the problem is not only the paint. When the door is forced open while locked, it strains the locking mechanism. This could cause the lock to break under the pressure. It could even cause enough internal pressure to break the window. 

#5. There is a risk of scratching the interior.

If someone is lucky enough to get the wire inside the vehicle without incident, there is still the risk of what it will do to the interior. There is the very real concern of causing scratches and gouges to the door upholstery while wiggling the wire around in an attempt to reach the lock. 

#6. The coat hanger may trigger the alarm.

Being locked out is depressing enough. Being locked out while the vehicle is relentlessly beeping is worse. Without the keys, there is no way to stop the alarm, and it is very possible that there will be an audience for the remainder of the unlocking attempt. If this is happening in the middle of the night, the audience could be made up of very unhappy neighbors. 

#7. It is possible to damage the seal around the door. 

Prying open a door and shoving a piece of wire into the gap could easily damage the rubber weatherstripping around the door. This material is important because it keeps rain and snow out of the car when the door is closed. Issues with moisture could develop if the seal is damaged and the door develops a leak. 

#8. Calling a locksmith is a better use of time.  

Unlocking a door requires finding a coat hanger, a wedge, and a cloth to protect the finish. The hanger must be unwound, straightened, and shaped. The wedge must be put carefully into place, and then the actual unlocking attempt begins. In this same amount of time, the driver could have called a locksmith and possibly already had them arrive. 

#9. Locksmiths carry insurance. 

A professional locksmith is unlikely to cause damage to a vehicle, but if they do, it is their insurance company that covers the repairs. Damage done by the owner becomes their own responsibility Even if their insurance policy covers the repair, you still are risking higher insurance rates for placing a claim. 

Opening a locked vehicle door is one of the fastest and easiest jobs experienced locksmiths perform. The process rarely takes more than a few minutes, and the services are covered by numerous insurance policies, roadside service plans, and auto clubs. It is still more affordable to pay for the service call than it is to replace a broken lock or repair damaged paint. 

Call a locksmith company such as Mr Lock Doc LLC if you get locked out of your car. 


21 September 2016

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