3 Ways To Keep Your College-Bound Child Safe And Secure On Campus


Watching your child pack up and head off to college is a special moment in all parents' lives, but your child will continue to rely on your help and advice for years to come. In addition to assisting your child with balancing school work and independent life, you will also need to take steps to keep your college-aged child safe. Help your child feel secure while on campus with these smart safety tips.

1. Self Defense Classes - While many colleges offer new students access to safety information, signing your child up for a practical self defense course can help your child to feel more empowered. When young adults encounter potentially dangerous situations for the first time, they may not be able to react in a quick and concise manner because they lack experience. Having your child enroll in a self defense class will give your son or daughter vital tools needed to get out of danger effectively.

2. Secure Lock Safe - Whether your child shares a dorm room with other students or has a single room, theft can be an unwanted part of the college experience. Thankfully, lock boxes and safes can be used to keep valuables safe. When placed in an inconspicuous location, safes can be even more useful because would-be thieves won't even notice them. Tell your child to use a combination that can be easily remembered, and instruct him or her to never share the code with anyone else. Contact a company like Brandy's Safe and Lock Inc. to find a great dorm-appropriate safe.

3. Check-in System - You may enjoy hearing all about your child's experiences while on campus, but developing a check-in system can create an even tighter bond. Having your child call or text at certain designated times will make you aware of any potential issues right away. Consider developing a secret phrase that your child can use to let alert you of danger for even more added protection.

If you have several different ways to get in contact with your child away at college and remain in contact, you can rest assure that your child is enjoying college life as intended. As your child gets older, he or she will develop better street smarts and be able to avoid many of the variables that may worry you the most. Setting your child up with a lock safe and self defense classes and utilizing a check-in system will not only help your child to be safer, but it can also prepare your child for life after school.


3 October 2016

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