Exploring Different Types Of Deadbolt Locks For Your Home's Doors


Home security is an important consideration for every homeowner, but many dismiss the importance of things like deadbolt locks. If you're trying to secure your home against would-be intruders, you'll want to talk with your locksmith about the different types of deadbolt locks available for your exterior doors. Here's a look at the most common types of deadbolts to consider.

Single Cylinder Lock

A single cylinder deadbolt lock is the base model and the most common one available. These locks use a single key cylinder mounted to the exterior side of the door. The inside of the door is fitted with a latch that you can turn to lock or unlock the deadbolt.

Double Cylinder Lock

Double cylinder deadbolt locks feature the same style lock bolt and exterior key cylinder. However, instead of having the flip-latch mechanism on the inside of the door, these locks are fitted with a second lock cylinder. That means you need to have a key to lock and unlock the door from either side. If your doors are lined by glass panels or windows, this type of lock adds greater security because would-be intruders won't be able to break the glass and flip the lock to gain entry. Just don't store the key beside the door as many have been tempted to do.

Keyless Locks

Even deadbolt locks are making the keyless conversion. When you have a keyless deadbolt lock, you'll still have the stability and security of a deadbolt lock without the hassle of keeping track of your keys. Most keyless entry systems with deadbolt locks have a keypad for a numeric code entry. Then, there should be a manual override with a security key in case you cannot access the lock through the keypad. In some cases, you might even have access to a lock that operates on a remote transmitter, much like the one for your car.

Vertical Lock

A vertical deadbolt lock is made to be more challenging for intruders to overcome. These locks actually sit on the top of the door and drive a bolt down into the door itself. These are usually automatically engaged, too. That means you won't have to worry about forgetting to lock the door.

Your local locksmith can help you find the best option for your doors. No matter what you're trying to achieve, there's sure to be a deadbolt lock model that will fit your application. For more information, visit http://arapahoesecurity.com.


3 October 2016

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