Easy Steps You Can Take To Prevent Being Locked Out Of Your House


Being locked out of your house is never a good feeling and it always seems to happen at the worst time, like when its pouring down rain or extremely cold outside. This can be an especially stressful circumstance if you have small children or you have someone that needs to get in for reasons like using the restroom or taking an important medication on time. You can avoid being locked out of your home even when you mistakenly lock your house key inside it by having a well-hidden spare key.

Be Creative About Hiding An Extra House Key

Most burglars would suspect an extra house key being hidden under the nice, round decorative rock next to your front porch. Many thieves are also aware of the many other types of decorative lawn accessories used to hide extra house keys. Being creative when hiding your extra house key is extremely important. Check out some of these cool hiding places:

  • If you have an outdoor dog, putting an extra key underneath his or her doghouse is a good idea, even more so if your dog is not friendly to strangers.
  • If you have a compost pile, placing your extra house in a protective container under the edge of it is a good idea as well. Most thieves would not want to dig through a stinky compost pile to find a key that may not be there.
  • Hiding a spare key under your kid's sandbox or playhouse is another place many thieves would not consider looking.

Being creative about the places you hide your spare house key can be the best way to make sure it is always there and not found by thieves.

A Lockout Buddy Is A Good Idea

Giving a spare house key to someone you trust is a good idea. If you have a neighbor or a family member that lives near you, giving them a spare key to hold on to in case you are ever locked out is a good idea. However, if you ask that person to let you hide a spare key in their yard, you will have access to it in the event that person is not home when you get locked out. Remember to be creative when hiding a key in your neighbor's yard as well.

If you end up being locked out of your house and you do not have a spare key, contacting a qualified locksmith is the best way to go for getting into your house. Keeping the number of a locksmith you can trust in your car or saved in your mobile device is a good ways to always have it when you are locked out of your house. Remember to also keep an emergency contact in your phone of someone that can help you with small children or a sick person if you are locked out without a spare key.


31 October 2016

Keeping Your Business Safe

When you start a business, it's easy to forget about insuring your entire building and all of your inventory. Unfortunately, I made this mistake, and I ended up paying for it dearly when our place was robbed a few months after our store opened. I knew that I had to do something to improve our future security, so I contacted a business that offered locks, keys, and safes. They came out, rekeyed our entire building, replaced our safe with something that was a lot sturdier, and gave us all electronic codes to the keypads that controlled access to the building. Check out this blog to learn more about keeping your business safe.