2 Modern Locking Mechanisms That Can Make Your Home More Secure


Replacing the locks on the front door of your home is a great way to do everything from making your home harder to break into to making it easier and more convenient for you to access your own home. Listed below are two locking mechanisms to consider that can make your home more secure.

Biometric Locks

One of the more high-tech locking mechanisms that you can buy for your home is a biometric locking system. A biometric lock basically requires that you scan one of your fingerprints in order to get access to the home. This is a great way to secure your home as even if someone were to happen to steal your keys or find your keys somewhere, they would not be able to get into your home. 

In addition, a biometric lock is ideal for preventing you or one of your family members from getting locked out of the house. Since all you will need to get back into the house is to scan your fingerprint, it is pretty much impossible to end up locked out of your house and having to call a locksmith to let you back in. 

WiFi Locks

Another modern locking mechanism that can make your home much more secure is a WiFi lock. The reason that this lock is so secure is that it foregoes the use of a password and key codes to unlock the door. Instead, a WiFi lock uses an app that is installed on your smartphone to provide access to the home. This is beneficial because password and keypad locks can often be bypassed by a thief using a keylogger to copy your password. 

In order for a thief to get access to your home when you have a WiFi lock, they would need either steal your phone and log into the password-protected app. Another way that a WiFi lock can help you secure your home is that it can allow you to provide guest passes to your visitors that can be limited in a number of different ways. For example, if you have someone visiting your home, you can give them a pass that only works for the day or days of his or her visit and then expires in order to prevent him or her from accessing the home without your knowledge at a later date.

Contact a residential locksmith, such as William Sorochinski, today in order to discuss the various modern locking mechanisms that can help you make your home more secure. Both biometric and WiFi locks are great options for securing your home.


2 November 2016

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