New Business Owner Introduction To ADA Compliance For Doors


As you start remodeling your commercial space to launch your business, one of the things that you need to consider is compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Few business owners realize it, but this regulation even applies to your company's door hardware. Before you have a locksmith install any doors on your property, you need to understand the basics of ADA compliant hardware.

What Exactly Is Meant By Hardware?

When it comes to your building's doors, hardware refers to several things. Door hardware includes things like the handles used to open the door, the hydraulics used to provide resistance, and the hinges that the door is mounted on. You need to give careful consideration to each of these things as you select your door hardware and install your door.

What Regulations Are There?

There are regulations associated with the type of hardware that you can use on your commercial doors. For example, you must choose door handles that can be operated by one hand. They must be easy to grasp and not require significant grip strength.

In addition, the hydraulic opening and closing mechanisms, as well as the hinges, must be designed so that they require less than five pounds of pressure to open the door. If the door requires more than five pounds of pressure to open, it is not compliant with the ADA regulations.

In addition to the type of hardware, the way that it is installed is also important. When you install your door handles, they must be placed somewhere that is 34 to 48 inches above the ground. Remember that the regulation measures from the ground, not the bottom of the door. If you measure from the bottom of the door, you may inadvertently place the handle too high.

What Other Options Are There?

If you are still uncertain about the selection of ADA compliant hardware for your company's doors, you can also have your locksmith install automatic openers with touchpads for those who need it. This makes it easier on your customers and reduces the risk of any injuries due to door handle issues or other problems.

You can also talk with your commercial locksmith about any other ADA compliant hardware or installation guidelines that will make things easier. It is important that you remain in compliance so that your building is accessible to all customers. The more you understand about the ADA regulations, the easier it is to choose the right door hardware and installation. For more information, contact companies like DuPage Security Solutions, Inc.


3 August 2019

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