Top Things A Commercial Access Control System Can Help You With


If you're interested in investing in an access control system — or multiple systems — for your business, you could be curious about the benefits that you can enjoy if you make this investment. These are a couple of the top things that a commercial access control system can help you with.

Managing Access to Different Areas of Your Facility

First of all, the main purpose of a commercial access control system is the fact that it can help you manage access to the different areas of the facility. You can prevent people who aren't employees from entering the facility at all. You can also restrict access for certain employees and certain areas of the facility; for example, those who work with your machinery might be the only ones who are able to access the areas where the machinery is set up, while those who work in the office might be the only ones who can actually access office areas.

Tracking Who Is Accessing Different Areas of Your Facility

Not only do you probably want to be able to control who can and cannot access the different areas of your facility, but you might want to have an idea of who is accessing the different areas of the property, too. Of course, if you only have a few employees, then you might not be overly concerned about this, since you might have a pretty good idea of who is going and coming at all times anyway. If you have a lot of employees who work in different roles, however, you might want to be able to track who has been visiting and working in different areas of the facility.

For example, if there is an incident of employee theft, knowing which employees were in the affected area at the time of the theft can help you narrow down who might be responsible. If you want to make sure that your employees are arriving at work on time and that they are doing the jobs that they are supposed to do, then you may want to see what time each employee entered the facility itself or the different work areas throughout the facility.

If you use a code for access and if everyone has the same code, then tracking is not going to really be an option. If you use a badge-controlled system and if each employee has their own badge with a different number or barcode, then those badges can be used for entering the access control system and can make tracking much easier. Then, you can identify which employee has entered which restricted area, and you can even track what time and date the entry occurred on. You may find that this will be useful in a variety of different scenarios.

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8 March 2021

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