Tips On Choosing Hardware For Your Cabinet Locks


One of the reasons homeowners search for locksmith services is to install cabinet locks. Whether you want to secure your office's locks or need strong ones for your kitchen, you can count on a locksmith to help you. Here are some considerations you need to make when choosing hardware for your cabinet locks.

Level of Security and Cylinder Type 

Depending on how you utilize your lock, you employ a different degree of security. You will need a strong lock to restrict access to an outdoor cabinet for electrical equipment. A simple quarter-turn latch will be most suitable in a regulated setting, such as a production factory.

Also, think about how the lock will be unlocked. The three primary cylinder kinds feature a master system, identical keys, and distinct keys. Distinct keys work with locks with a different key, whereas similar keys work with locks with the same key. One master key operates all locks in a master system, regardless of how differently they are keyed.

Knob Vs. Pull 

Another consideration you should make when choosing hardware for cabinet locks is whether to use a knob or pull access system. You can use knobs for all cabinet doors and pulls for all cabinet drawers. 

Because your entire hand will hold the knob instead of just your fingers, pulling a drawer open is more pleasant than using a knob. This is practical since drawers get heavy when they are filled with pots, pans, and dishes.

Alternatively, you can opt for only knobs or only pulls. Many conventional kitchens have knobs on all their cabinets. The use of all pull is common in modern kitchens. When choosing all pulls, use vertical orientation for doors and horizontal orientation for drawers.

Handle Material

Durability is another thing to consider when choosing cabinet door hardware. Remember, your door cabinet's material will determine the cabinet handles' security. Durable cabinet handles are made of metal alloys. Brass kitchen handles come with lacquer, which makes them rust-resistant. If your cabinets are made of thick wood, consider installing bronze handles. Stainless steel door handles are durable and match most types of cabinets.

In Closing

Choosing cabinet door hardware isn't an easy fete and requires a great deal of planning. You shouldn't rush to install cabinet locks and handles without research and consultation. Otherwise, you will end up with insecure and aesthetically unpleasant cabinets. Choose a mobile locksmith service—such as Roland Park Lock And Key—that offers a variety of options and gives you advice depending on your budget and specific needs.


26 July 2022

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