Some Things About Locksmiths Some Don't Realize


Locksmiths tend to a lot of different things and many are things that a lot of people don't think of hiring them for. People can end up trying to take care of things out of their expertise or paying someone else more money than they would pay a locksmith because they are unaware of the long list of tasks locksmiths help with. So you can avoid making these mistakes in the future, this article will better-educate you on some of the different areas where locksmiths can be of assistance to you.

26 August 2020

Common Services Homeowners May Need For Their Locks


The locks for your home will be an important security feature for your property. Unfortunately, you might be overlooking some of the types of services that you may need in order to keep the locks effectively securing your home against intrusions. Deadbolt Alignments Deadbolt locks are extremely common due to the security and reliability that they can provide. However, it will be possible for the deadbolt to come out of alignment with the door frame.

13 May 2020

New Business Owner Introduction To ADA Compliance For Doors


As you start remodeling your commercial space to launch your business, one of the things that you need to consider is compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Few business owners realize it, but this regulation even applies to your company's door hardware. Before you have a locksmith install any doors on your property, you need to understand the basics of ADA compliant hardware. What Exactly Is Meant By Hardware?

3 August 2019

Don't Panic—Instead, Try These Solutions When You Lock Yourself Out of Your House


Panic is the first feeling that you'll often experience when you get locked out of your house. But, regardless of the reason for the lockout, it's in your best interest to remain calm. If you have your cellphone with you or can easily visit a neighbor's house to use his or her phone, you can call a locksmith who can rescue you shortly. Before you make this call, though, it's a good idea to think about whether there might be a simple solution to your trouble that doesn't require the intervention of a professional.

11 November 2016

Your Doorlock Won't Lock? Try These Hacks


When most people think of lock issues, they think about lockouts, which are an inconvenience. However, people overlook the fact that they may encounter a situation when they cannot lock their doors, and it may not be because they do not have their keys. Sometimes certain conditions can result in keys not working in locks. The following are a few examples of what could happen as well as potential fixes. Frozen Locks

3 November 2016

2 Modern Locking Mechanisms That Can Make Your Home More Secure


Replacing the locks on the front door of your home is a great way to do everything from making your home harder to break into to making it easier and more convenient for you to access your own home. Listed below are two locking mechanisms to consider that can make your home more secure. Biometric Locks One of the more high-tech locking mechanisms that you can buy for your home is a biometric locking system.

2 November 2016

Easy Steps You Can Take To Prevent Being Locked Out Of Your House


Being locked out of your house is never a good feeling and it always seems to happen at the worst time, like when its pouring down rain or extremely cold outside. This can be an especially stressful circumstance if you have small children or you have someone that needs to get in for reasons like using the restroom or taking an important medication on time. You can avoid being locked out of your home even when you mistakenly lock your house key inside it by having a well-hidden spare key.

31 October 2016